Himachal Pradesh Ration Card list, Apply & Check Status

Himachal Pradesh Ration Card

hp ration card

In this article we will discuss about how to apply Himachal Pradesh Ration Card online or offline. Also, you can check HP ration card list, check status, download ration card and HP ration card correction .

One Nation One Ration Card Himachal Pradesh

Everyone knows the importance of ration card in their life. We can buy subsidised food item like wheat, oil, daal and many more. Before corona pandemic we can use ration card only in own state. But now One Nation One Ration Card apply allover in India. Through this scheme we can use it in any state.

One Nation One Ration Card help the people to get all facilities in any state provided by government on a ration card . For example If you belong to Himachal Pradesh and doing job in Delhi, through One Nation One Ration Card you take all benefit in Delhi also.

Who is eligible for applying for a Ration Card in Himachal Pradesh?

  • The person having no ration card
    In this case, a Indian citizen must produce a cetificate from Panchayat Secretary or Food & Supplies Officer or concerned department in writing that person have no ration card. Attache this certificate along with application form of ration card.
  • Duplicate Ration Card
    In case of lost ration card you can apply for a new one. The person having ration card at the previous place. This will be applicable in the case of a person transfer from one place to another.
  • After Marriage entry to be made in the ration card
    After marriage to add a new member in ration card a certificate is required from the previous place of residence, issued by Panchayat Secretary/Panchayat Sahayak/Food & Supplies Officer.
  • In case of birth of child
    For the addition to be made in the ration card, the birth certificate of the child is required.

Document Required to apply HP Ration Card

The documents required to apply a HP ration card are following:

For a new Ration Card

  • Deletion Certificate to the effect that the applicant was not holding any ration card previously must be submitted.
  • Aadhaar Card.
  • Residence Proof.
  • Voter ID.
  • Bank Account Details.

For addition of members in the existing Ration Card
In the case of marriage, deletion certificate of the spouse from the previous place and in the case of birth of a child, the birth certificate of the child. The existing ration card must also accompany the application.

How to apply Ration Card in Himachal Pradesh

By following given steps you are able to apply a ration card in HP.

  • Take a application form of Ration Card from Panchayat Bhawan or download it online.
  • Fill all the required details in the application form.
  • The applicant shall submit the application for issuance of Ration card along with the deletion certificate.
  • The applicant will be given a receipt for the application form and the date on which the applicant should collect the Ration Card.
  • After few days you can collect your HP ration card.

How to check Himachal Pradesh Ration Card List 2020?

Step 1.
Visit the Official website of ePDS Transparency Portal Himachal Pradesh.
Step 2.
Select and Click on related link of HP Ration Card list.
Step 3.
Fill all the required details like district & block.
Step 4.
Click on search button
Step 5.
Select FPSID or FPS Shop Name or Search it by Owner name of FPS shop.
Step 6.
Now HP Ration Card list will be on your screen.

How to download himachal pardesh ration card?

The smart ration card which is issued by the state government will be available on official ePDS Transparecy portal of Himachal Pradesh. Now an Applicant can download and print the digital copy of their Ration Card. A applicant has to follow these steps mentioned below.

ePDS transparency portal himachal pradesh
  • Under sub menu click “Print Ration Card”.
Ration card download
  • Now you will redirect to a new web page.
  • Here, you have ”select input type” from the list.
  • Click on “Select” , two option will appear now Aadhaar or Ration card.
  • Choose one of them and fill up the necessary details. You can either enter 12 digit Aadhaar Card number or your HP Ration Card ID.
  • Now click on “Search” button.
  • After clicking on search button your Ration Card will appear in digital form.
hp ration card download
  • To download it click on print button.

Ration Card Complaint Online Himachal Pradesh

Many people don’t knows the procedure to complain Ration Card in Himachal Pradesh. We will tell you a very easy process.

Now you can complain through you mobile phone. Call on toll free number 1967 of ePDS Call Center or also on 18001808026. If you you have any query regarding ration card ask us on comment section.

If you have any query related ration card ask us on comment section.

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